Teaching a Course With Moku

You have a Message. You have Authority. Let's bring your message to YOUR community!

There are so many tools. So many ways to market. Moku provides the People, Processes, and Tools to help you get your knowledge produced in a meaningful way with a method to deliver it to the people!

"Ive tried using a VA in the past, and as soon as I finished my first pile of work, I had no idea how to really utilize them. Learning to Moku with the right tools and people made all the difference in learning how to delegate effectively."

This Program is currently in Beta... Details coming soon!!!

Building and growing a business is one of life's greatest experiences when you are able to execute on your vision of where you want to take it.

But There's a Problem...

  • Most businesses don't have a clear vision

  • Most Founders hire people emotionally, and not based off of skillsets or experience

  • Hiring domestically is expensive, and most people don't have relationships with anyone overseas...
  • How do I train a Virtual Assistant to help if I don't even know what to do?

  • Many Visionary's have a hard time building processes that are actionable

  • There are SO many tools that do similar things... picking the right combo can be a real challenge!

Working with Moku means that whether your biggest challenge is People, Processes, or Tools... We source the right combination so that you can focus on the things we can't do for you!

All the Processes, People, and Tools in One Place!

How can Moku help me?

the biz games

Authority Building

Social Media

Dedicated Assistant

The Tools

Whether you are focused on building a Podcast, Course, or a Community... The team at Moku can help launch you into each of these areas with a proven strategy and the manpower to pull it off for you. That means you can still focus on generating revenue while we take care of all the busy work!

It's not enough just to like peoples posts and add comments. Imagine posting a variety of content types, commenting on influencers, AND connecting to dozens of NEW prospects EVERY DAY!

VA Implies something that is not real... Our Dedicated Assistants are REAL people trained to do specific tasks. They are managed, trained, and held accountable to get your projects and tasks done the way YOU want it done. Each DA is backed by a Team at Moku to handle specialty skills as well.

There are close to a dozen tools you need to master in order to effectively reach and convert customers. It's impossible for one person to be the master of all of them.

We do all the setup to make sure your client journey leads them to your happy ending!


Community Access

Learn from other members of our Exclusive group of professionals who are building amazing Podcasts of their own! Networking always adds value


Free Trainings

Courses served up any time of day or night, as well as regularly scheduled Live interaction with our experts who share tips and tricks to enhance your Podcast!


Discounts & Offers

Get discounts on other Services and products provided under the Moku Brand of companies and partners to add the same level of quality support to other parts of your business!

Our Plan for Building and Growing Your Business


Clarify Your Strategy

Is your Ideal Client clearly identified?

How well are you represented where they are hanging out?

What needs to happen to make you stand out?



What kind of people do you need to execute?

Do you have a clear process for Fulfillment?

Tools... what are you using to track and manage the people or the process?



As we begin to see the strategy start to work... We review the process, make adjustments, and align the workflows to match the vision of an appropriate speed of growth.

Moku "Done For You" Services Takes Away The Stress Of Getting Your Voice Out There

Check out the list of done for you services listed under "Solutions" in the top menu

All Moku services include access to Trainings and Membership to our Exclusive Community where you can collaborate with other leaders trying to grow their operations!

Mission Statement: We strive to understand our customers vision, and incorporate the right combination of People and Processes and Tools to accomplish their goals


What does it mean to Moku? Its a little different for everyone! We provide: People, Processes, and Tools to companies trying to operate through growth phases. Moku is a part of the Mokuteki Series of BPO Companies known as Moku

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